InkVision Face Recognition

We design and develop deep large-scale AI and ML vision solutions for Enterprises, Retail, Large Infrastructure, Automobile, Manufacturing, Banking and Defence & Security Organizations.


Facial Recognition

Contactless entry with state of the art Facial Recognition achieving N:N recognition capacity and ~ 99.8 % accuracy


Most accurate Productivity Reports based on face id’s

unwanted entries

Real time alerts for unwanted entries


Real time alerts for tailgating

access control

Seamless integration with access control

Integrated dashboard

Integrated dashboard for data access and reports

Mask detection

Real time alerts for no face Mask detection

social distancing

Real time alerts for social distancing

Visitor Management

Easy upgradation to contactless Visitor Management Platform

Ease of Scalability to unlimited faces and cameras
Edge computation and accessibility
Best in class return on investments
Most accurate and reliable Deep Learning based FRS