InkVision Retail

We design and develop deep large-scale AI and ML vision solutions for Retail and Retail enabled services.

“ Are your customers walking away ”

“ Smart Deep Learning based Retail analytics can help you understand your complete customer base, engage with each one of them in a meaningful way and help you know weather your marketing efforts are paying off ”

Inkers edge based retail analytics solution is easy to deploy, and provides you with unparalleled real time insights. You can view your ROI right from the first month

Product components

InkVision Traffic

Unique Customer Count
Customer age group
Customer gender
Customer Value Index

These datasets allow you to recognise repeat customers, understand your customer based on geography and interact with them in real time

InkVision Marketing

Facial Recognition
Dwell time
Happiness Index
Marketing collateral Impact
Shop Floor Visibility Index

These datasets help you in product placement, marketing, product selection and planning

InkVision Operations

Change room activity
Billing counter activity
Shop opening/closing
Employee performance/efficiency
Potential Customer Loss ( customers who returned from billing counter)

These datasets help in manpower planning, strategy for redesign, employee training and increased conversion

InkVision Loss prevention

InkVision Wallet

InkVision Virtual Trial room

Ease of Scalability to unlimited cameras and geographies
Edge computation and accessibility
Best in class return on investments
Most accurate and reliable Deep Learning based data